Finding an Ally in Nature for Waste Disposal | Featured on the Urban Farm Podcast

Eddy was interviewed on the Urban Farm Podcast on Polystyrene Eating Bugs​… and the episode has been released!

So if you’ve been curious about finding allies in nature for waste disposal, or how to form a better relationship with nature in general, then listen in!

In This Podcast:

He is always on the lookout to find ways to have a better relationship with nature, so when Eddy Garcia noticed that some beetle larvae were eating the polystyrene cup he put them in, he jumped into experiments to learn more. Using a surfboard in a science experiment, his achieved some exciting and astonishing results. All of this tied into his work to educate others about regenerative systems, and even aspiring surfers in Iowa are learning about earth systems through his projects.

Listen in and learn about:

  • Living in a remote valley in Hawaii and our quest to live better with nature
  • Experimenting with some beetle larva to see what they eat
  • Finding that the larva are able to eat Styrofoam
  • Breaking the bonds in styrene into simpler compounds
  • Being inspired to look past just recycling and to bioremediation as a solution
  • Looking at some ratios of polystyrene and Styrofoam in landfills and the volume in mass
  • Bringing the concepts into the surfing world
  • Connecting with kids in Iowa through their interest in surfing
  • Making the research available through their regenerative education centers
  • The process that is in testing using compost from old surfboards to grow ingredients for new surfboards
  • Benefits of regenerative processes explained
  • Working towards a healthier relationship with nature
  • If you want to order a surfboard do your research!

Quotes from the Podcast:

Book Recommendations Mentioned on the Podcast:

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