Book a Regenerative Farm Tour on our Launiopoko Farm!

Our farm is a stones throw away from some of our most precious reef systems in the U.S., and one of the most popular surf destinations for beginners on Maui.

We will take you on a tour of our regenerative farm, share some of what’s growing there with you, and we will show you how we are doing our part taking care of the land while protecting our reef systems. Malama ka’aina!

This is a fun, informative adventure that you can touch and taste the land and the ocean. Taste fresh squeezed sugar cane juice! You’ll learn to make salt from ocean water and take some home with you!

Everything we’re doing here is with zero brought in fertilizers. Earthworms make the fertilizers for us.

We’re highlighting good practices for coastal farming that has been known to negatively affect our reef systems.

Teaching you about modern approaches using our living systems. This includes aquaculture, aquaponics, vermiculture (earthworms), agroforestry, and cold composting on site.

Learn what regenerative farming means, regenerate the land, give back as much as we take.

We will explore the coastline across from our farm & show you the problems and the solutions.

What we have growing:
The Polynesian voyaging, endemic and naturalized plants.
Coconuts, sugar cane, taro, squash, sweet potato, papayas, ti leaf, breadfruit, mango, noni, mamaki, kukui nut, moringa…