Creating Your Regenerative Lifestyle | A Conversation with Kalani Robb

Talkin story with Pro Surfer Kalani Robb on styrofoam eating beetle larvae, creating a regenerative lifestyle, aquaculture, greening the surf industry, and more!

A fun conversation at the Dana Point Harbor in Southern California…

Part 1:

Part 2:

Quotes from the Interview:

“If we’re made of star dust, then eventually we turn into humans, into earth, then maybe we’ll turn into stardust again. So why can’t we think of everything this way? With a sense of alchemy.” – Eddy Garcia, Living Earth Systems

“If you’re only pointing out the doom and the gloom, it’s hopeless. You’re nothing but a grain of sand. But if you start to step onto the other side, a grain of sand eventually makes the Sahara.” – Eddy Garcia, Living Earth Systems

“We are slowly but surely weakening the wild around us. We are domesticating them & that weakens the whole system. Nature is built on ‘Only the strong survive.’ So how do we find a way to be gentle and strong as we move forward.” – Eddy Garcia, Living Earth Systems

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