Regenerative Farm Internship on Maui

Living Earth Systems has now opened its internship program for a few capable, motivated individuals wanting to live on site & learn about regenerative agriculture.

Opportunity to learn hands-on and grow with the farm projects with one of the leading regenerative farm designer on Maui. Working on state-of-the-art and cutting edge environmentally sustainable projects.

We build biological self-sufficient systems. Including alternative energy, vermiculture, aquaculture/aquaponics, sustainable agriculture and edible landscapes.

We are in the process of designing, building, and maintaining several new regenerative farms on Maui. This allows a unique opportunity to immerse yourself, hands-on, on working farms and gain the knowledge to expand your horizons in regenerative careers.

This is a 3-, 6-, or 12-month internship.

At the end of 12-month internship program we offer certificates of completion.

You will be required to spend 9 hours a week working with & learning our systems and practices.

Your internship includes:

  • All food you want to eat from the farms
  • Wifi
  • Housing or camping on the farm**
  • Education

What you’ll learn:

  • Aquaculture
  • Earth worms, several species
  • Regenerative farming & composting techniques
  • No-till
  • How to farm with zero pesticides, using only fertilizers made on site
  • How to grow all your own food
  • Off-grid solar systems setup
  • Homesteading basics
  • A whole lot more…

In the program you’ll also be required to care your own farm plot

In the 12-month program you’ll also be required to design & care for your own plot after the initial 3 months in the program.

To check out our philosophy and example projects, check out our website, and our instagram,

Please note that this is physically demanding work.

This internship requires you to spend quite a bit of time outside in the elements, dealing with earthworms and compost, pulling weeds and building your relationship with the natural world.

This includes insects and pollen, so if you have allergies or are super sensitive to this environment then it may not be a good fit for you.

We fill requests upon availability. If this ad is up then there is availability, but if you’re serious you need to jump on it because this program fills up quick.

We will receive many inquiries about this, so please be patient for us to review and respond.

Fill out the below questionnaire & we will call you back if we feel like it’s a good fit to talk about more of the details.

This program is perfect for. . .

  • Hardworking, focused individuals that want to learn a trade.
  • Someone who wants to be a part of the permaculture, regenerative movement.
  • Responsible, punctual individual with transportation.

We’re allergic to tobacco so please no tobacco smokers.

Pricing: $1000/month** (includes housing on the farm), $600/month** (includes camping on the farm), or $400/month (if you have your own housing)

Your internship includes:

  • All food you want to eat from the farms
  • Wifi
  • Housing or camping on the farm**
  • Education

**This is well over a $2000/month value for the housing & food alone. This is our way of setting people up for success.

To apply, please fill out the application below:

Your Name

Where are you currently living / working?

Your Email

Your Phone Number

I'm interested in:
Internship + Housing on the farm ($1000/month)Internship + Camping on the farm ($600/month)Internship ($400/month)

Please answer the following to the best of your ability.

1. When would you like to start work and how long would you like to stay? Our minimum requirement is three months.

2. Have you ever had experience working on a farm? Please describe.

3. Please list any other skills you have which might be applicable to this job including experience with machinery, carpentry, produce sales, retail sales, cooking, writing, animal care, gardening or horticulture.

4. Do you smoke tobacco?

5. This job requires you to lift items weighing more than 60 lbs and work long, physical days. Do you have any conditions that may impede your ability to complete these tasks?

6. Please describe why you would be the perfect choice for this program.

7. Please describe what kinds of things you would expect from your experience.

8. Please describe your other interests.