How to create cross-functional spaces for a healthy life & regenerative lifestyle

Today we want to talk to you about expanding your mind around what our lifestyles, our activities, the spaces we live in, how they’re more than just ONE THING.

Especially if we’re playin smart 😉

Modern society loves to objectify things. Instead of complex beings and complex systems, everything is compartmentalized & individuated into the object perspective.

Your place of work is just that.

Your yard is just for lounging and mowing.

An employee does one key role and that’s all that matters to their employer.

A park is just for walking through.

Some would argue that this is for “efficiency”…

And our brains LOVE to do this to conserve energy.

But I’d like to invite you today to do the opposite. How are things and people and places MORE complex than you thought? How can you get MORE function out of it?

For example, I like to share with people that the ocean and the forest and my gardens are my refrigerator.

Why would I fill a freezer or fridge full of food when I could just go out and harvest it fresh? It’s right there!

Just yesterday I went out for an evening surf session and come back with dinner ?

It’s my playground and refrigerator!

Another example: A great couple moved into a house where I had set up a large estate permaculture system – with tons of fruit trees & a full edible landscape.

They’ve retired & moved to Maui, but as you know if you have gardened or farmed consistently for years… it takes a lot of work.

The husband has spent many hours maintaining his “yard” week after week. So already, it’s his gym, it’s his relaxation, it’s his source of food…

And then he goes into the doctors and they tell him that his blood pressure is remarkably lower & he’s way healthier than when he first came to Maui.

Now he knows that it’s also his primary method of holistic health. (No supplements required 😉

So it’s your turn. How can you make your spaces & activities, your lifestyle in general, cross-functional?

You’ll notice that both examples here are promoting regenerative lifestyles in natural spaces… So that may be your key.

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