New Service on Maui: Get set up with a Food Security Garden!

We’re setting up food security systems here on Maui. We bring the knowledge, decades of experience, the plants, the worms, honey bees if you want, our crew and machines (if needed). Not only with machines to make giant garden beds like you see here, but also people’s porches and windowsills with little containers and set ups that work for each individual situation.

We can usually come in and set everything up in 1-2 days and you’ll be set up for the rest of your life!

Because you’ll know how and you’ll understand how important it is to have some relationship with your food and the earth…

Food security is the land, not the government, and not allowing others to take the responsibility of feeding us, because they take it on for profit and destroy the earth in the process!

If you have an understanding with the land and feed yourself from it, then you understand how important it is to give back and to take care of it. You’ll truly understand what stewardship means…

You can email us:
or text us: 808-446-6897
if you’re interested in having some food security set up for yourself.

We are not profiting off of this.

We are doing this at cost, to help keep our crew working and our community fed!!!

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