Living Earth Systems is a holistic design firm specializing in sustainable farm design.

Our goal is to provide both inspiration and education for implementing a lifestyle that is good for you and good for the earth.

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Our Core Values


One of our main drives is to foster education and create better stewards of this planet. By sharing our knowledge and decades of hands-in-the-dirt experience, we hope to inspire you to deepen your connection with Nature.


We’ve been practicing “beyond organic” methods of agriculture before that phrase was trademarked. We teach people how to align with Nature to produce more than we consume, and to leave our home better than it was.


Don’t let the enthusiasm get ahead of the facts. This is a phrase we are always repeating. Consistency is the life-blood of stewardship. The practice of consistency leads to healthy plants, thriving systems, and a relationship to the earth.


True strength lies in our relationships with other humans. All of our systems and courses are designed with community in mind. Once you are producing more than you consume, who will you share the abundance with?

The Founders

Eddy - Lead Designer


Design Lead

Growing up on a small Hawaiian island, Eddy has over 30 years of experience living off-grid. His deep connection to Nature has taught him fundamental truths that are woven into Living Earth Systems. Observation, Consistency, Stewardship

Sam, Operations



Graduating from University of Michigan in Physics and Environmental Science, Sam received her Permaculture Design Certification in 2012 before apprenticing for 2 years in Regenerative Systems Design with Maui New Earth.

“I try to refrain from exaggerating, but here’s the thing – Eddy is a freakin’ genius. His superpower is observation, and he uses it to great effect.

I was totally blown away by his ability to enter a landscape, observe it, and figure out how to best utilize all of it’s resources to generate as much healthy life as possible. I’m convinced that every pool in the world should be outfitted with one of his brilliantly engineered aquaponics systems. More food and health for all!

I’m humbled and excited to keep learning from this dude.” Alan Lilienthal, Cura Caos

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