Learn about Nature-Based Aquaponics in this Free Webinar!

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Over the years we’ve talked to a range of people of varying experience levels in terms of growing organic food, building soil, and being self-sufficient.

For those who are deeply interested in getting into regenerative agriculture and aquaponics there tends to be 2 excuses that hold people back from taking action:

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    I'm still in school (or I live in a small apartment in the city) so...

    …not only do I not have the space to have a garden, but I’m also not sure how long I’ll be here so I don’t want to invest too much time and resources on something I’ll ultimately leave behind!

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    I am totally into permaculture and think aquaponics is neat, but...

    …there is something so sterile about the aquaponics systems I see people setting up that I just don’t see it working with my nature-based designs!

We’ve been invited onto PermaEthos TV to give a presentation on Nature-Based Aquaponics tomorrow.

We will eliminate these two excuses and show you that…

+ Nature-based aquaponics allows you to grow food in small spaces and indoor settings

+ It is quite different from conventional aquaponics in that it uses biodiversity for resiliency and makes your land a hub for fertility!

TOMORROW Tuesday November 29th at 4 pm ET/ 1 pm PT

Ready to learn about nature-based aquaponics?

In this webinar, get ready to:

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    Find out the most common mistakes in building an aquaponics system and how to easily fix it.

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    Learn the components we use for crafting a basic aquaponics system that grows more food with less water.

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    Learn how an aquaponics system can be both a fertility hub in your larger regenerative agriculture system and a way to grow in less ideal growing situations (think: inside and on concrete).

We’ll see you tomorrow – Come with your notebook and get ready to workshop with us.

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