We’re Talking Natural Aquaponics on the Permaculture Podcast

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Eddy had the pleasure of being interviewed about Natural Aquaponics (Nature-Based Aquaponics) on The Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann!

“Eddy Garcia of Living Earth Systems joins me to discuss Natural Aquaponics and how we can create beautiful, functioning systems whether we prefer to nerd out on the numbers or learn through observation and experience.”

Listen to the interview here!
About the Permaculture Podcast:

The Permaculture Podcast is a globally respected go-to resource for all things permaculture with over 15,000 listeners per episode.

Scott Mann has built relationships and facilitated conversations with the world’s leading permaculture practitioners, authors, and scientists from all backgrounds and areas of expertise, such as David Holmgren, Tao Orion, Eric Toensmeier, Karryn Olsen-Ramanujan, Jack Spirko, and Rachel Kaplan, to name a few. Since 2010, this extensive collection of episodes has become an archive of valuable insight, practical tools, inspiration and storytelling that is made possible by the direct support of our community.

Join us as we discover the possibilities and push the edges of Permaculture together.

Listen to the interview here!

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