We want to invest in you investing in the planet (FREE MORINGA SEEDS FOR YOU)

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We have a gift for you today.

We want to invest into you investing into the planet’s future by giving you seeds to plant trees (a very specific tree). We are going to give away moringa seeds for anybody who wants to plant a moringa tree.

Moringa oleifera is an incredible tree that is nutrient dense beyond belief! if you’re not gonna eat it (you should), you can simply compost with it.

Here’s the full nutrient breakdown of a single cup of moringa leaves.

We harvested thousands of moringa seeds from one of our living systems on Maui a couple months ago and we think the best use of them is to share them freely.

What you put in (your compost) is what you get out (in the form of nutrient-dense food)!

If you compost something that’s high in nutrients, what you grow in the composted plant has access to all of these nutrients. This is strategic composting.

Grab Your Free Moringa Seeds!

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