6 Reasons Why You Need to be Composting Strategically (Supercharged Soil is Here)

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We are so excited to finally introduce our new online course on composting and building soil:

Supercharged Soil Through Strategic Composting

In the past 10 months, we’ve built 4 inches of topsoil – from composting alone.

Lately, we’ve shown our friends and students how to do what we do with tons of success (we’re talking building soil on top of decomposed granite, in parking lots, and old farm land that’s been deemed “unfixable”).

But LEARNING everything about building Supercharged Soil wasn’t quick n’ easy.

Honestly, this information is not original. It comes from years and years of observing and PLAGIARIZING MOTHER NATURE

This information came first out of a need to survive. Living off-grid on a small Hawaiian island as a teenager (while awesome and magical) is gnarly.

  • Eddy had to figure out the food stuff (Beyond foraging, hunting, and fishing, the Hawaiian islands are actually quite difficult to grow food on – with 40%+ of fruits and vegetables eaten up by the fruit fly, unless you’re using a significant amount of pesticides).
  • He had to figure out how to grow food over and over again on the same piece of land (importing fertilizer onto a small island is expensive AND you very quickly see the serious repercussions of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the land and marine ecosystems surrounding you).
  • Luckily, he had the time-freedom to STOP and OBSERVE how Nature was growing so abundantly, in taro patches, forests, and streams (so he started using Nature’s growing techniques in his own gardens – and it was WORKED).

After years of perfecting this process, we’ve built the perfect resource for you.

Today, Supercharged Soil Through Strategic Composting, the only step-by-step course that shows you exactly how to grow better food while building large amounts of living topsoil, without having to bring in any external inputs, goes live.

We are so excited about this!

We’re at the critical moment where we can step BACK to Nature, with technology.

We KNOW that strategic composting is going to transform your garden, and re-orient your life.

We truly believe this unique style of building soil is changing our future as a species on this planet, how we can be stewards and truly change the world.

If you’re ready to stop buying sub-par additives for your garden, stop sending your food- and paper-waste to the landfill, grow the most nutrient-dense food and build soil for our future generations:

Grab Supercharged Soil Through Strategic Composting here

Just a heads up –

The price of Supercharged Soil Through Strategic Composting will increase on WEDNESDAY JANUARY 25th from $50 to $100. So far, the feedback we’ve gotten on this material is that we need to raise my prices because it is THAT valuable. We will be raising prices in the next few weeks, but for the next few days you can grab it for the special pre-sale price.

Still not sure? How about this.

6 Reasons Why You Need to be Composting Strategically:

  • The conventional fertilizers you’re buying from your local farm store are made from chemicals, petroleum, and even recycled bomb material. And, the majority of store-bought fertilizers with organic labels are mined from half-way across the world (read: taking apart islands for seabird and bat guano), or are sourced from in-humane animal factories.

    If there’s not enough life in the soil to process organic material, “organic” fertilizers still have the potential to be leftover as residual salts, can contaminate groundwater, and can carry pathogens.

  • By growing specific plants on-site to compost, you know exactly what’s building your soil. Plus, these plants help with erosion control, bioremediation, and some are even considered “superfoods!”

  • Adding BIODIVERSITY of species (not just plant species) to your compost and garden makes them more drought-resistent, and resilient from pests.

  • LIVING compost that you make yourself is not only cheaper to make, it is also better able to assist and feed your plants due to symbiotic relationships.

  • In the USA, 30-40% of the food supply is wasted, equaling more than 20 pounds of food per person per month. Why send this resource to the landfill?? You can be composting this into new living soil that FEEDS your garden.

  • By putting together a closed-loop composting system, you will form a DEEP relationship with your garden, and nature as a whole. (We’re not going to lie, one of our driving forces is to create more stewards of this planet, that can reap the real benefits of having real relationships with the earth).

We can’t wait to show you how to compost your waste and turn it into garden gold (living topsoil).

Reserve your spot right here >>>

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